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Quality living welcomes you with a new name

We have a passion: we adore beautiful homes, small and large alike. Therefore, we would like everyone without distinction to be able to furnish their living space by giving preference to quality. Through our work, we pledge to give our customers the chance to choose the very best. Loop & Co is a project that came about in Southern Italy, an area where true Italian values such as good taste, passion and workmanship still predominate. It was generated by the experience of an industrial group that has been operating in the furniture sector for many years. And it came into being with the mission of furnishing all homes with top-quality sofas and armchairs. Our strategy of offering the best at the right price is the main value expressed by the vision behind Loop & Co, simply because we believe that any project must always be customer-centred and that quality ought to accommodate those who are able to recognize and appreciate it.
Quality makes its way into the homes of those who are able to recognize it.